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American Tax Solutions helps individuals and business owners resolve their tax problems quickly. American Tax Solutions has helped thousands of people lower their liability and get their lives back. The first step in their process is a free and confidential consultation with one of our experienced Tax Professionals. During this phase, their team assesses your unique tax situation and considers possible solutions.

American Tax Solutions can put an immediate stop to wage garnishments, levies, liens, and asset seizures. Their agents have the experience and knowledge to quickly build a case supporting your tax resolution goals, while carefully navigating specific paperwork requirements.

American Tax Solutions will negotiate with the IRS and State authorities on your behalf to provide you with results that are in your best interest. Their firm is large enough to offer a full range of professional services, but small enough to give you the individual attention that you deserve. American Tax Solutions will thoroughly and conscientiously study your personal situation, and tailor our advice to your specific needs.

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December 30, 2020

American Tax Solutions Discusses Planning for Retirement and a Few of the Key Tips

There Are Many People Who Need Help Saving for Retirement and American Tax Solutions Is Here To Review This Process There are many people who need to start saving for retirement yet do not know-how. American Tax Solutions knows that this can be a challenge. For those who would like to retire, there are a […]

November 5, 2020

While There Is No Way To Avoid Taxes, There Are Ways To Make Them Easier with Tips from American Tax Solutions

There is a saying that there is no way anyone can avoid taxes; however, there are ways to reduce the amount of money that people pay in taxes. American Tax Solutions is known for helping people find ways to save money on their taxes. The biggest tip that everyone has to remember when it comes […]

September 14, 2020

Facing Wage Garnishment? What American Tax Solutions Wants You To Know

If you’ve received a phone call or letter notifying you that your wages are about to be garnished in order to pay your taxes or credit card debts, it’s likely that you’re not sure what to do next. While facing wage garnishment can be scary, American Tax Solutions can help. Check out these options for stopping wage […]

August 19, 2020

American Tax Solutions Discusses Estate Tax Preparation During the Covid Era

American Tax Solutions can help people with a myriad of unique and challenging tax situations, including issues with their estate taxes. And during the Covid era, this type of help is very critical. They recently discussed the importance of proper estate tax preparation and the steps you can take to avoid any complications with this […]

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